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Track: Kidney


Dr. Phillipe Abreu, United States
Robotic-assisted living donor nephrectomy: high technology incorporated for patient benefit

Dr. Phillipe Abreu, United States
Cholelithiasis: Should we be more Aggressive in Transplant Patients?

Mr. Juan D Acosta Sr., Paraguay
Post-transplant diabetes de NOVO (NODAT) in a Paraguayan kidney transplant population: prevalence and risk factors

Dr. Maria Nieves I Aran, Argentina
Kidney graft surveillance biopsies, histological findings and safety of the procedure

Dr. Valeria Gabriela Alberton, Argentina
Collapsing glomerulopathy recurrence in a kidney transplant patient

Dr. Dominic Amara, United States
Impact of Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction and Previous Cardiac Revascularization on Kidney Transplant Recipient Outcomes

Laura Barcan, Argentina
Urinary tract infections in kidney transplant. Treatment duration and recurrences : A Multicenter study in Argentina

Jennifer McDaniels, United States
Single Nuclei RNA-sequencing Unravels Complex Renal and Immune Cells Signaling Driving Fibrosis in Kidney Allografts

Jennifer McDaniels, United States
Single Nuclei Profiling of Focal and Segmental Glomerulosclerosis from Human Allografts

Mr. Niels T. Bloemendal, Netherlands
The association between atherosclerosis and intrarenal resistance index in kidney transplant recipients

Miss Natalia Boccia, Argentina
The association of Torque Teno viral (TTV) load with acute rejection and viral infections in the first-year post renal transplantation

Dr. Marcos Sousa, Brazil
IgA Nephropathy and Kidney Transplantation According to the Oxford Classification

Dr. Dorota Broniszczak-Czyszek, Poland
Urological complications and urinary tract infections depending on urinary outflow in pediatric patients after kidney transplantation

Jorge M Chancay, United States
The impact of A Positive B-cell Flow Crossmatch in Living Donor Renal Transplant Recipients

Dr. Cheng-Hsu Chen, Taiwan
Associations of circulating MicroRNAs (miR-21-5p, miR-20a-5p) and chronic allograft nephropathy in renal transplant recipients

Miss Sofia Conci, Argentina
Prevalence and risk factors associated with persistent hyperparathyroidism in kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Sunil Kumar Dodani, Pakistan
Gram negative blood stream infection in renal transplant recipients: Risk factors and outcome from a transplant center in Pakistan

Dr. Elizete EK Keitel MD, Brazil
Post renal transplant malignancy: single center experience

Dr. Karla O. Escobar, Guatemala
Human leukocyte antigen tissue typing in a Guatemalan transplant center

Dr. Gustavo Ferreira, Brazil
Improving Access to Kidney Transplantation: Waitlisting and Kidney Transplantation in Southeastern Brazil

Nisarg V Gandhi, United States
Incidence and Correlates of Testicular Pain After Kidney Donation

Dr. Osama Ashry Gheith, Egypt
Study the effect of sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 inhibition versus dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibition in diabetic kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Osama Ashry Gheith, Egypt
Structured diabetes education: significance among kidney transplants recipients with post-transplant diabetes

Dr. Osama Ashry Gheith, Egypt
Acute kidney injury among COVID-19 positive patients is associated with higher mortality: single center experience

Dr. Osama Ashry Gheith, Egypt
Evaluation of function of angiopoietins and ANIOPOIETIN likes in post-transplantation diabetes mellitus (PTDM) in Kuwaiti kidney transplanted patients

Dr. Osama Ashry Gheith, Egypt
Impact of full correction of post-transplant anemia on the cardiovascular system in renal transplant recipients receiving erythropoietin stimulating agents: prospective randomized controlled trial

Dr. Osama Ashry Gheith, Egypt
Contrast-induced nephropathy in kidney transplant recipients: a single-center experience

Dr. Osama Ashry Gheith, Egypt
Idiopathic polymyositis in renal transplant recipient: case report and review of literature

Dr. Maria C. Giordani, Argentina
Impact of autophagy on the development of senescence in protocol biopsies in kidney transplant patients

Dr. Martin C. Igbokwe, Nigeria
Mini-flank donor nephrectomy incision: a single centre experience from Nigeria

Prof. Ashokkumar B Jain, United States
Post-kidney transplant prospective comparison of measured urinary creatinine clearance with estimated -eGFR based on serum creatinine or kinetic- KeGFR for rapid changes in serum creatinine

Prof. George Kurian, India
Outcome of simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation a single center experience

Prof. George Kurian, India
Post-transplant malignancy amongst kidney transplant recipients: A Single Centre 20-year Experience and literature review

Dr. Luis Roberto Leon, Argentina
Teriparatide in kidney transplant patients with bisphosphonate-resistent osteoporosis

Dr. Yi-Chia Lin, United States
Single Port Robotic versus Open Kidney Transplantation: A Comparison of Outcomes

Dr. Yi-Chia Lin, United States
Early Recovery After Surgery Program in Kidney Transplantation Patients: Comparison of Clinical Outcomes with Conventional Care Program

Dr. Luis Eduardo Morales Buenrostro, Mexico
Late humoral rejection: will temporality be enough to determine the therapeutic attitude?

Dr. Mara Medeiros, Mexico
Changes in Body Composition after renal transplant in Children

Dr. Ankur Mittal, India
Prevalence of genetic mutations associated with kidney disorders in renal transplant recipients – single centre experience

Dr. Mariano Javier Navello, Argentina
Allele, genotype and haplotype frequencies of the HLA system in the province of Neuquén, Argentina.

Dr. Maciej Nowacki, Poland
Vascular Surgeon in transplantation team, is there a room for such specialist?

Ms. Karly M Nygaard-Petersen, Canada
The gift of life and nonadherence in renal transplant recipients

Dr. Ana K Ochoa, Argentina
Non-melanoma skin cancer with an aggressive course in kidney transplant patients treated with rapamycin.

Dr. Ana K Ochoa, Argentina
Molluscum contagiosums as a cutaneous marker of immune reconstitution syndrome in a renal transplant patient

Prof. Cheol Woong Jung, Korea
Factors contributing to acute rejection within one year of kidney transplantation with a perspective of Tacrolimus trough level; a nationwide cohort study

Dr. Zohreh S Soltani, United States
Modern Medicine Needs Modern Technology Tools

Dr. Francisco J Osella, Argentina
Laparoscopic kidney transplantation: a minimally invasive alternative for our country

Dr. Mayur Patil, India
An Arrow For Two Targets: Kidney Donation In Unilateral Renal Artery Stenosis

Dr. Mayur Patil, India
Organ preserving cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a resource limited country to increase donor pool

Dr. Nadzeya Rapetskaya, Belarus
Treatment of chronic active antibody-mediated kidney transplant rejection with intravenous immunoglobulin

Dr. Manuel Rengel, Spain
Pediatric donor transplants to adult recipients: follow-up and outcome

Dr. Manuel Rengel, Spain
Corticosteroids withdrawal in renal grafted patients: follow-up and outcome

Dr. Lúcio Requião-Moura, Brazil
Long-term outcomes and predictors of graft function in living-donor preemptive kidney transplants.

Jose Otto Reusing Junior, Brazil
Case report: nephrotic-range proteinuria in a deceased donor recipient with acute antibody mediated rejection and familiar FSGS

Mrs. Wanda Rojas, Argentina
Out of the box. Immunosuppressive therapy with four drugs as rescue therapy in kidney transplant recipients with chronic allograft rejection.

Mr. Leonardo R Romeo, Argentina
Systemic heparinization in kidney donors during nephrectomy

Mr. Leonardo R Romeo, Argentina
Laparoscopic managment of ureteral stricture after kidney transplantation

Mrinalini Sarkar, United States
Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and tacrolimus – The unexpected high in renal transplant recipients – Case series and review

Dr. Kity Sarkar, India
Second and Third Renal Transplant During Covid 19 – A Single Center Experience in India.

Ruben O. Schiavelli, Argentina
Kidney transplant outcome according to pre-transplant dialysis modality

Dr. Gervasio Soler Pujol, Argentina
Renal transplantation in the elderly. Are they all the same? A multicenter, comorbidity based study

Dr. Marcos Sousa, Brazil
Recurrence of Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis After Kidney Transplantation: Risk Factors and Impact on Graft Function and Survival

Dr. Marcelo F Taylor, Argentina
Prevalence of hyperkalemia (HK) among stable kidney transplant patients

Prof. Puxun Tian, People's Republic of China
Single-cell analysis reveals immune landscape in kidney transplant recipients with antibody-mediated rejection

Prof. Puxun Tian, People's Republic of China
Development and validation of a nomogram for remnant kidney function after living-donor donation

Sebastián Tobia, Argentina
Covid-19 and pediatric kidney transplantation: Iberoamerican multicentric study

Dr. Lionel Cristian Arispe Vargas Sr., Mexico
Effect of renal pre-transplant desensitization on renal graft function and survival at 1 and 3 years

Dr. Carlos J Cobeñas, Argentina
Delayed graft function: a single center experience

Dr. Animesh Singla, Australia
The outcome of the inferior epigastric artery as a donor vessel for managing accessory renal arteries in renal transplantation: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Dr. Nidia E. Gomez, Paraguay
A Case Report: HLA Antibodies in Temporal Relation to Vaccination in an End-Stage Renal Disease Pediatric Patient on the Renal Transplant Waiting List

Dr. Lauren Arena, Canada
Outcomes In Kidney Transplant Recipients With Allograft Failure Who Return To Dialysis

Dr. Roberto Armstrong Junior, Brazil
Sex differences in acute kidney injury following BD - an isolated rat organ perfusion model

Prof. Puxun Tian, People's Republic of China
Macrophages and different subtypes infiltrated in kidney allografts with antibody-mediated rejection

Prof. Puxun Tian, People's Republic of China
Risk Stratification for Kidney Transplant Recipients: a Single-Center Study

Dr. Adriana Tiscornia, Uruguay
Changes in the kidney allocation model in Uruguay - HLA compatibility vs. time on waiting list

Dr. Matej Vnučák, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Effect of mycophenolic acid and tacrolimus on the incidence of infectious complications after kidney transplantation

Dr. Shaimaa Z Abdelmegied, Egypt
Serial plasma exchange is a promising effective method in blood hemagglutinin level reduction

Mr. Nauman N Ahmed, Australia
Systematic review and meta-analysis on the effect of blood transfusions on kidney transplant outcomes: shining new light on an age-old debate

Dr. Ihab A M Ahmed, Sudan
Prevalence of new onset diabetes after transplantation in native Africans.

Dr. Nayef Mohammad Alawadh, Saudi Arabia
Differential control of systolic and diastolic blood pressure in renal transplant recipients

Dr. Nayef Mohammad Alawadh, Saudi Arabia
Incidence and associated factors with uncontrolled hypertension at 12- months post-renal transplantation

Dr. Abdullah A Alghamdi, Saudi Arabia
Renal Transplantation And Statins Effects On Dyslipidemia In Renal Transplant Recipients

Dr. Fatima AlKindi, United Arab Emirates
Outcomes of Post Kidney Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder (PTLD)

Dr. Nizar Attallah, United Arab Emirates
Semaglutide May be Safe after Kidney Transplant

Dr. Tatiana Baltesova, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
Mid term evolution of the glomerular filtration rate in living kidney donors

Diego Cantarovich, France
Conversion from MPA twice a day to MPA once a day following kidney and pancreas/kidney transplantation

Dr. Carlos Raúl Chiurchiu, Argentina
ABO incompatible renal transplantation in Argentina: experience in a tertiary referral university hospital

Mrs. Nuran Sari, Turkey
Assessment of urinary tract infections microbiologically in kidney transplant recipients

Prof. Hye Jin Chong, Korea
Rasch Validation of the Psychosocial Assessment of Candidate Transplant Scale for Patients on Waitlist Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation in South Korea

Prof. Hye Jin Chong, Korea
Adaptation Process after Kidney Transplantation in Korean Elderly recipients: A Qualitative Study

Dr. Nicole L De La Mata, Australia
Patient experience of the kidney transplant waitlist: An Australian cohort study

Dr. Sanaz Dehghani, Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Surveying the quality of life and its dimensions among kidney recipient patients referred to the sina organ procurement unit In 2021

Miss Joanne Devlin, United Kingdom
Post-operative myocardial infarction after renal transplant: setback or disaster?

Dr. Luis Garcia Sr., Mexico
Transplant in times of the beginning of SARS-coV2 pandemic, experience in reference center public hospital in Mexico

Dr. Aldo Garcia C., Mexico
Is pregnancy possible in kidney transplant patients? Experience in a reference center in Mexico.

Dr. Aldo Garcia C., Mexico
Teratoma in transplanted patient, case report and review

Dr. Fernando Giron, Colombia
Main clinical outcomes in living-donor kidney transplantation: A Latin-American cohort.

Dr. Fernando Giron, Colombia
Main outcomes of pediatric living donor kidney transplantation: A Latin-American cohort.

Andrea García, Colombia
Risk factors for urologic complications after kidney transplantation and impact in graft survival

Andrea García, Colombia
Comparison of three glomerular filtration rate estimating equations with 24-hour urine creatinine clearance measurement in live kidney donors

Andrea García, Colombia
Predicting 5-year survival after kidney transplantation in Colombia

Maya Guhan, United States
Therapeutic plasma exchange, rituximab and steroids in pediatric kidney transplant recipients with early recurrence of FSGS: a single large pediatric hospital experience

Dr. Alev Ok Atılgan, Turkey
Simultaneous vascular and antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) in pediatric patients caused poor prognosis in renal allograft

Eda Yilmaz Akcay, Turkey
The beneficial impact of D3 vitamin on the decline of rejection, epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), and interstitial fibrosis among pediatric renal transplant patients

Dr. Pelin Borcek, Turkey
Epstein-Barr virus-positive T-cell lymphoma characterized by intestinal involvement with multiple perforation in an adult renal allograft recipient: two case reports

Burak Sayin, Turkey
Pregnancy outcomes in kidney transplant recipients and their newborns

Burak Sayin, Turkey
Starting a new life thanks to a successful kidney transplant after 30 years of hemodialysis: Case report

Dr. Ho Trung Hieu, Viet Nam
Polyomavirus infection in the urine for follow-up of renal transplant patient: a single center study

Dr. Emanuele Federico Kauffmann, Italy
Effect of Donor vs Recipient Delta of Age and BMI on Kidney Transplantation Outcome

Dr. Emanuele Federico Kauffmann, Italy
Simultaneous Pancreas-Dual Kidney Transplantation: a case report

Dr. Youngmin Ko, Korea
Impact of desensitization in immunological low-risk patients in kidney transplantation

Dr. Takashi Kobayashi, Japan
Inguinal herniation after kidney transplantation

Prof. Karel Krejčí, Czech Republic
Tacrolimus dose reduction as an effective therapeutic approach to the patients with active BK virus replication and nephrotoxicity

Dr. Janmejay A Kunpara, India
A retrospective comparison of ABO incompatible with ABO compatible and Cadaveric renal transplant, single centre experience .

Dr. Hye Eun Kwon, Korea
Recurrence of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis after kidney transplantation according to pre-transplant treatment

Prof. Jun Young Lee, Korea
Anti-thymocyte globulin versus basiliximab induction for kidney transplantation in elderly patients: Matched analysis with Korean multicentric registry

Dr. Marcos Sousa, Brazil
Angiotomography in the vascular assessment of recipients before renal transplantation: a profile of excluded patients

Dr. Gede Wira Mahadita, Indonesia
Risk factors for chronic allograft rejection after kidney transplantation: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Miss Lucila Martin Rollan, Argentina
Results of a non-restrictive acceptability policy for kidney transplantation in patients with HLA sensitization

Dr. Sebastián Marton, Uruguay
Description of the process of inclusion and kidney transplantation waiting list - Uruguay

Dr. Terri Menser, United States
Assessing Patient-Level Predictors of Obesity for Kidney Patients Referred for PreTransplant Evaluation

Prof. Karim Meskouri, Algeria
Kidney removal from the living donor-technique and evaluation: study on 256 samples

Dr. Malek Mojaat, Tunisia
Living kidney-donation: is the donator sheltered from cardiovascular risk factors?

Dr. Malek Mojaat, Tunisia
Metabolic outcomes still occur, but Kidney donation is obviously safe

Dr. Marika Morabito, Italy
Advanced cancers treated with PD-L1 inhibitors and CTLA-4 antagonist in transplanted immunosuppressed patients: systematic review of graft outcome

Dr. Marika Morabito, Italy
Machine learning in kidney transplantation: a new possibility for the graft survival prediction

Dr. Liliana Miriam Obregon, Argentina
Treatment of calcifying uremic arteriopathy in a renal transplant service

Dr. Sujata Kiran Patwardhan, India
Bladder evaluation in transplant patients : Are we overdoing it ?

Dr. Gabriela Esperanza Esperanza Pedroza Orozco, Mexico
Kidney graft survival in pediatric patients at the UMAE Pediatric Hospital of CMNO

Dr. Laura K. Pineda, Argentina
Progression of chronic kidney disease in pediatric patient with kidney transplantation

Johanna Caldano, Argentina
Pregnancy Outcomes After Renal Transplantation. Two-year follow-up

Dr. Angelo R. Rocafort, Philippines
Prevalence and outcome of kidney transplant recipients infected with BK Polyoma virus at National Kidney and Transplant Institute from 2016 to 2021

Dr. Tara Sigdel, United States
Perturbations in podocyte transcriptome and biological pathways induced by injury caused by FSGS associated circulating factors

Dr. Tara Sigdel, United States
Assessment of renal allograft function via urine-based estimation of glomerular filtration rate

Prof. Ho Sik Shin, Korea
Regulatory T Cell Populations May Be Associated With Transplant Outcomes

Mr. Harry VM Spiers, United Kingdom
Patient reported outcomes following renal transplantation: the future of holistic post-transplant care

Dr. Matthew Tavakol, United States
Early and Late-Onset Cytomegalovirus Infection Following Universal Prophylaxis in Kidney Transplant Recipients: Risk Factors and Outcome

Ms. Nguyen Thu Ha, Viet Nam
Predictors of metabolic syndrome following one-year post kidney transplantation among Vietnamese patients

Mrs. Aida Turganbekova, Kazakhstan
HLA desensitization in kidney transplantation

Dr. Kalliopi Vallianou, Greece
Development of post-transplant malignancy in kidney transplant recipients

Dr. Teresa Vazquez Sanchez, Spain
Serum Klotho and FGF-23 levels and their variability within two years after kidney transplantation

Dr. Tho Ngoc Anh Vo, Viet Nam
Clinical characteristics and factors related to recurrent cytomegalovirus infection post-kidney transplant in adult patients at Cho Ray hospital

Miss Changyun Wei, People's Republic of China
Confirmatory factor analysis of the Chinese version of self-management support scale for kidney transplant recipients

Prof. Cheng Yang, People's Republic of China
A nomogram for predicting BK virus activation in kidney transplantation recipients using clinical risk factors

Anete Granovska, Latvia
Current trends in anemia treatment in kidney transplant recipients

Prof. Paulo S da Silva Santos, Brazil
The unfavorable influence of oral health on pre-kidney-transplant patients' quality of life

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