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Poster Session

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Track: Liver


Prof. Ilka FSF Boin, Brazil
Impact of the pandemic on liver transplantation and use of telemedicine – clinical hospital UNICAMP

Fatih Boyvat, Turkey
Percutaneous transhepatic TIPS for Budd-Chiari syndrome as a bridge to liver transplantation

Dr. Francisco Maria Calderon Novoa, Argentina
Epidemiology of patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma in a universitary hospital during a 12-year period: a cohort study

Dr. Jose Gabriel Cervantes, Argentina
Evaluation of Quality of Life in Adult Patients after One Year Liver Transplantation

Maria Florencia Fernandez, Argentina
Biliary complications following liver transplantation: A 13-Years Single-center experience

Dr. Guilherme Ferrarini, Brazil
Liver transplantation for treatment of acute liver failure after COVID 19 infection and anatomopathological results

Dr. Angel Flores-Huidobro Martinez, United States
Post Liver Transplantation Renal Impairment: Experience with the First 100 cases in a Single Center in Mongolia

Ms. Ruby Ann Labayo Recaido, Saudi Arabia
Liver Biopsy in a clinic set up

Dr. Rodrigo A. Gasque MD, Argentina
Peri-hepatic gauze packing for the control of haemorrhage during liver transplantation: experience of a high-volume center

Mr. Dongkyu Han, Korea
Mono-maintenance therapy with anti-ICAM-1 monoclonal antibody induced long-term liver allograft survival in nonhuman primates

Florencia Hernandez, Argentina
Survival of liver transplant patients from 2010 to 2022 belonging to the public financing program of CUCAIBA as an institution of the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires Argentina

Dr. Doojin Kim, Korea
The impact of the multiple bile ducts on postoperative biliary complications in living donor liver transplantation; single center experience

Dr. Ivone Malla, Argentina
Outcomes in pediatric recipients of living donor liver transplantation

Dr. Alberto A Marcacuzco Quinto, Spain
Massive blood transfusion: risk factors and consequences

Mr. Leonardo Montes Sr., Argentina
What about the heroes? Living donor liver outcomes, from a single Latin-American center experience between 2009-2022

Mr. Leonardo Montes Sr., Argentina
Validating survival scores following liver re-transplantation, at a single center

Dr. Blanca Otero Torrón, Spain
New index for prediction of massive blood transfusion

Dr. Alexandria Tran, United States
Decreasing therapeutic anticoagulation and bleeding in post-operative liver transplant patients: a single institution’s analysis of a prospective anticoagulation algorithm

Prof. JOODONG KIM, Korea
Future Liver Remnant Volume Ratio Less Than 30% Is Not A Contraindication To Living Donor Right Hepatectomy

Mr. Md Azharuddin, India
Surgical site infection in liver transplant patients: Evidence from real-world studies

Prof. Rengin Erdal, Turkey
Single center study on liver transplantation since 1988: expected life expectancy and affecting factors

Emre Karakaya, Turkey
An alternative abdominal closure technique after pediatric liver transplant: Bogota-bag technique

Ebru H. Ayvazoglu Soy, Turkey
Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy as a bridge to liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma: Başkent university experience

Dr. Jinbo Huang, People's Republic of China
Different severity and disparate clinical outcomes between EAD sub-criteria and proposal of a new EAD classification after liver transplantation

Dr. Jinbo Huang, People's Republic of China
Low intra-operative urine output is associated with the development of severe acute kidney injury and continuous renal replacement therapy requiring after liver transplantation

Dr. sorabh kapoor, India
Respiratory Syncytial Virus pneumonia in a LDLT recipient transplanted for COVID 19 precipitated ACLF: managed with Ribavirin and IvIg

Dr. sorabh kapoor, India
Salvaging small for size grafts with splenic artery embolization in living donor liver transplant: older liver may not recover

Dr. Toshiaki Kashiwadate, Japan
Devising bile duct anastomosis to reduce biliary complications in living donor liver transplantation at our hospital

Dr. Daniela Kniepeiss, Austria
Excellent outcome quality is not dependent on a high caseload in liver transplantation

Dr. Daniela Kniepeiss, Austria
Prevention strategies against CMV-infection after liver transplantation

Mr. Aliaksei Shcherba, Belarus
Application of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of liver graft dysfunction caused by chronic rejection. Case report.

Mr. Aliaksei Shcherba, Belarus
Application of CRL-classification (J. Yan et al., 2020) principles for description of rare hepatic artery anomalies.

Dr. Aman Kumar, United States
Impact and consequences of recipient Gastroduodenal Artery (GDA) ligation prior to Hepatic Artery (HA) anastomosis during Orthotopic Liver Transplantation (OLT)

Dr. Jayant Kumar, United States
Liver transplantation for Abernathy malformation (congenital absence of portal vein). A case report

Ms. Jing-Yi Liu, People's Republic of China
Liver transplantation for secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis associated acute liver failure: a case report

Dr. Rohit Mehtani, India
Outcomes of live donor liver transplantation in adult patients with HPS – 10-year experience from a single centre: A retrospective analysis

Dr. Megan Melland-Smith, Canada
Ventral hernia repair following liver transplantation: Outcomes of repair techniques and risk factors for recurrence

Dr. Shigehito Miyagi, Japan
Conversion surgery after radical chemotherapy using living donor liver transplantation for locally advanced unresectable perihilar cholangiocarcinoma without neoadjuvant radiation

Dr. Bo Peng, People's Republic of China
Single-cell RNA Transcriptomics Reveals Intrahepatic Macrophage Remodeling in Hepatitis B-Related Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure

Dr. Jose Rivera Romani, Peru
Report of the first cases of hepatic SPLIT for liver transplantation in Peru

Mrs. Maria Camila Sanchez, Argentina
Transition from pediatrics to adults: how adolescents with solid organ transplantation move to adult care in a general hospital

Mr. Fabio Silveira, Brazil
FIPS score as a predictor of 30-day mortality after liver transplantation – a comparison with validated risk scores (SOFT and BAR) in a Brazilian cohort of patients.

Miss Samira Elize Mariko van Knippenberg, Netherlands
A systematic review of the use of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) in adults undergoing liver transplantation

Li-Na Wu, People's Republic of China
Efficacy analysis of liver transplantation and Vasomodulators therapy for portalpulmonary hypertension

Dr. Boris I Yaremin, Russian Federation
Novel MLTR classification of portal vein thrombosis for purposes of liver transplantation

Dr. Pengpeng Zhang, People's Republic of China
Single-cell RNA transcriptomics reveals dysfunction of hepatic lymphatic endothelial cells in Hepatitis B-Related Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure

Dr. Felipe Alconchel, Spain
Role Of Circulating Tumour Cells In The Management Of The Liver Transplant Patient With Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Dr. Felipe Alconchel, Spain
Clinical Relevance Of Pivka-ii After Liver Transplantation For Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Prof. Carlos W. Florez Zorrilla, Mexico
Graft Versus Host Disease Following Liver Transplantation. A serious complication.

Fatih Boyvat, Turkey
The role of interventional radiology in the management of early vascular complications after liver transplantation

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