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Poster Session
Basic and Translational Science

Room: TBD
Track: Basic and Translational Sciences


Maria Virginia Gentilini, Argentina
IL-33/ST2 signaling pathway: preliminary study to assess its role in chronic rejection after liver transplant

Hillary Braun, United States
Save the Environment: Liver Transplantation Restores a Circulating Environment that Supports Healthy Platelet Aggregation within Two Hours of Reperfusion

Dr. John Friedewald, United States
Dynamic kidney rejection risk prediction using serial donor derived cell free DNA

Dr. Olga Gichkun, Russian Federation
Polymorphisms rs1800469, rs1800471 of the TGFB1 gene detected in patients with chronic heart failure who waiting cardiac transplantation

Dr. Maciej Nowacki, Poland
Influence of adding calcium channel blocker Verapamil during perfusion for functioning transplanted kidney within 36 months after transplantation (mid term results)

Deirdre Sawinski, United States
A survey of transplant recipient attitudes regarding contraception and pregnancy

Prof. Puxun Tian, People's Republic of China
Asxl1 may promote the differentiation and function of Th17 cells

Fu Zhen, People's Republic of China
Evaluation and maintenance of donor liver quality in rats from donated after cardiac death by hypothermic oxygenated machine perfusion and cold storage

Dr. Mario Abbud-Filho Sr., Brazil
Distinct global DNA methylation and NF-κB expression profile of preimplantation biopsies from ideal and non-ideal kidneys

Mrs. Sarah Dart, Australia
Immunosuppression monotherapy does not protect donor leukocytes from depletion post MHC-mismatched kidney transplantation in mice.

Dr. Heon-Seok Park, Korea
Accelerating the differentiation of Neonatal porcine pancreatic cell clusters into beta cells in alginate-microcapsules.

Dr. Angelica Perez-Gutierrez, United States
A positive b2 microglobulin trend immediately after transplant identify worse outcomes in patients with delayed graft function

Dr. Myltykbay Rysmakhanov, Kazakhstan
Retrograde reperfusion of the renal graft in adult recipient to reduce ischemia-reperfusion injury

Ms. Justyna Sakowska, Poland
Local immune cells' phenotype after corneal graft rejection

Dr. Umid Ravshanovich Salimov, Belarus
Role of the intestinal microbiota in the course of chronic liver disease before and after liver transplantation results of a pilot study

Dr. Kazuaki Tokodai, Japan
Angiogenesis promoting effects of human amnion membrane in ischemia-impaired wound in a rat model

Mr. Jordi Vengohechea Llorens, Spain
Protection of normal metabolic function of healthy pig livers following prolonged normothermic ex-situ perfusion

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