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Poster Session

Room: TBD
Track: Thoracic


Mr. Carlos E Belon, Brazil
Cryobiopsy in the diagnosis of lung allograft rejection : Brazilian case series.

Dr. Rosario Della Cella Figueredo, Argentina
Viability of native kidney in cardiorenal transplantation

Mrs. Olga L. Vanco, Argentina
The usefulness of non-HLA monitoring during graft rejection surveillance in heart transplantation

Mr. Daniel A Rodriguez Lic., Argentina
Lung transplant: supply or demand problem? Description of real donor patients in a Public Hospital of the Argentine Republic

Mr. Daniel A Rodriguez Lic., Argentina
Prone position: a measure of lung protection in potential lung donors. Case report

Mr. Daniel A Rodriguez Lic., Argentina
Lung procurement: Inclusion of modern variables to assess its quality. Descriptive study in a Public Hospital of the Argentine Republic

Dr. Ronaldo Honorato Barros Santos, Brazil
Use of grafts with extended ischemic time (above 4 hours or more): analysis of the experience of the largest Brazilian heart transplant center, from 2013 to 2022.

Dr. Maria Simonenko, Russian Federation
Outcomes of heart failure patients excluded from heart transplant waiting list

Dr. Giosafat Spitaleri, Italy
Donor-derived cell free DNA is associated with antibody-mediated rejection and impaired cardiac hemodynamics in patients with heart transplantation

Dr. Jose R Torrealba, United States
Heart transplant quilty lesions are associated with an immunologic tolerant profile

Esteban Wainstein, Argentina
Lung transplantation in adult patients with bronchiectasis

Wang Ruiting, Taiwan
The experience of physical activities in lung transplant recipients:a qualitative study

Prof. Alex O Shevchenko, Russian Federation
Early preventive “coronary sealing” of transmitted coronary artery disease with stent PTCA to improve outcomes of heart transplantation

Dr. Isabel Villanueva, Uruguay
Acute and chronic allograft rejection in the uruguayan lung transplant program in the 2003 – 2022 period

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