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P14.11 Lung transplantation in adult patients with bronchiectasis


Lung transplantation in adult patients with bronchiectasis

Esteban Wainstein2, Gladys Kahl2, Maria L. Orazi2, Horacio M. Castro2, Juan Montagne1, Enrique Beveraggi1, Graciela Svetliza2, Juan Montagne1, Alejandro Da Lozzo1, Micaela RaĆ­ces1, Enrique Beveraggi1.

1General Surgery, Hospital Italiano de Buenos AIres, Buenos Aires, Argentina; 2Internal Medicine, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Introduction: Data regarding microbiology and outcome of patients with non-cystic fibrosis bronchiectasis (NCFB) after lung transplantation (LTx) , compared with cystic fibrosis (CF), are limited. Recent data suggest that outcomes are similar between both populations.

Methods: We performed a retrospective analysis, from January 2010 to December 2020, of all patients undergoing LTx for bronchiectasis at our center.  Microbiology of sputum specimens, lung function and clinical parameters pre- LTx were assessed. In hospital mortality was compared between both gropus.

Results: Baseline data are summarized in table 1. 19  CF and 5 NCFB were transplanted. Chronic infection with P. aeroginosa was more common among CF patients. In hospital mortality was higher in NCFB patients.

Conclusion: Study population was small. Unlike other reports, in hospital mortality was higher among NCFB patients, despite a lesser presence of P. aeruginosa and antibiotic resistance. Mortality was driven by infection unrelated to colonization. Data are shown as median.

Table 1 - Baseline characteristics and outocome
Characteristic CF NCFB
Patients 19 5
Sex, female 8 (42%) 3 (60%)
BMI Kg/m2 19,9 21.4
FEV1% predicted 23.8 26
Chronic infection 19 (100%) 4 (80%)
P. aeruginosa 18 (95%) 3 (60%)
SAMR 9 (47%) 0
SAMS 7 (39%) 1 (20%)
B.cepacia 6 (32%) 0
Multiple drug resistance 11 (58%) 1 (20%)

Table 2 - Outcome
In hospital mortality 4 (21%) 3 (60%)

Presentations by Esteban Wainstein

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