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Mini-Oral Abstracts Session
Utilization, preservation, organ repair

Tuesday September 13, 2022 | 11:35 to 13:05
Room: C4
Track: Organ Donation and Procurement

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For attending this session, you can claim 1.5 EACCME credits


Dr. Ernesto Duarte-Tagles, Mexico
Use of transient liver elastography in the evaluation of liver viability for organ donation and transplantation

Ms. Lisa Westenberg, Netherlands
Higher tomographic abdominal fat volume is associated with lower renal function before and long-term after living kidney donation

Mr. Robert C Pearson, United Kingdom
Domino kidney transplant following nephrectomy for renal artery stenosis with arterial reconstruction and viability assessment using ex vivo normothermic perfusion: A Case Series

Dr. Ileana Lopez-Plaza, United States
Meeting Packed Red Blood Cell Requirement for the TransMedics Organ Care System (OCS) Liver Transplantation Trial (PROTECT trial) at Henry Ford Hospital

Mr. Florin Botea, Romania
Early graft disfunction after hypothermic oxygenated machine perfusion of ECD criteria liver grafts: no longer a clinical issue?

Ms. Tamar A.J. van den Berg MD, Netherlands
Hypothermic machine perfusion ameliorates fibrinolysis and microthrombi clearance after DCD kidney donation

Mr. Reid B Freeman, United States
One OPO's experience with normothermic regional perfusion

Miss L. Annick van Furth, Netherlands
Association of hemoglobin levels with renal metabolism and function during normothermic machine perfusion of porcine kidneys

Dr. Colleen L Jay, United States
Trends in Kidney Transplant Usage after KAS Implementation: Is there Evidence for a KDPI Shift over Time?

Dr. Alejandra M. Mena-Gutierrez, United States
Single-Center Experience with “Extreme” Acute Kidney Injury Deceased Donor Kidneys

Prof. Annemarie Weissenbacher, Austria
Perfusate IL-6 levels during liver NMP might be predictive for hemodynamic response and catecholamine demand after reperfusion in the recipient

Dr. Emanuele Federico Kauffmann, Italy
Hypothermic oxygenated machine perfusion of an en-bloc dual kidney specimen: proof of concept, in an animal DCD model, of a new option to preserve and evaluate kidney grafts

Dr. Teresa Po-Yu Chiang, United States
Quantification of center aggressiveness in accepting sub-optimal kidney donations from deceased donors in the US

Mr. James A Hedley, Australia
Cost-effectiveness of interventions to increase utilization of kidneys from deceased donors with primary brain malignancy in an Australian setting

Laurin Rauter MSc., Austria
Glycocalyx damage marker Syndecan-1 correlates with early allograft dysfunction during hypothermic liver machine perfusion

Dr. Mohamed Hussein, Egypt
Outcome of 250 lung transplants in Saudi Arabia, 92% marginal donors

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