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Francesco D'Amico FEBS, Italy

Professor of Surgery, Attending Surgeon
HPB and Liver Transplant Unit
Padova University Hospital



MD (6Y) Padova University, Padua, Veneto, Italy 1998

General Surgery (6Y) Padova University, Padua, Veneto, Italy 2005

PhD (3Y) Padova University, Padua, Veneto, Italy 2009

Master Laparoscopic Surgery (1Y) Strasbourg University, France 2013

FEBS Fellow European Board of Surgery

(Division of Transplantation Surgery), 2010-on going

Full Professor in General Surgery Certification by the Ministry of University and

Research Italy 2013 on-going


Career/Academic Appointments:


2000 Visiting Resident (Transplant), Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, New York

2004-05 Research Fellow (Transplant), Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, New York

2005 Visiting Resident (Transplant), Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida

2006-ongoing Assistant Professor, School of General Surgery, Padova University, Padova, Italy

2006-ongoing Trainer, Neo-Graduate Medical Doctor, Padova University, Padua, Italy

2006 Consultant/Attending General Surgery Abano Terme Hospital (Padova)

2007 Attending 4th General and Emergency Surgery Ca’ Foncello Hospital Treviso

2008-2009 Attending 1st General Surgery and Transplant Padova University

2009 Transplant Fellow, Padova University, Padova, Italy

2010 Attendance at the 2nd Preparatory Course by UEMS for FEBS Certification (Santander SPAIN)

2010-2012 Referral Attending Surgeon, Pediatric Liver Transplantation Program

2011-2012 Since 2011 Teaching conferences at the Ph.D. School of Surgical Sciences and Technological Applications, University of Padova

2013 Laparoscopic Surgery Master Certification, University of Strasbourg, France

2015-ongoing Professor of Medicine and General Surgery, Padova University, Padova, Italy

2015-19 Visiting Assistant Professor of Surgery, Transplant and Immunology Unit, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.


Actual Position:


2008-ongoing Senior Attending at Hepato Pancreatic Biliary and Liver Transplantation Unit and Operative Endoscopist Padova University Italy

2015-ongoing Professor of Medicine and Surgery: School of Medicine, Nursing, Obstetrics Padova University Italy

2014-ongoing Collaboration in the Academic and Experimental field with the Transplantation and Immunology Unit Department of Surgery Yale University

2017-ongoing Referral between Padova University and Favaloro Foundation Buenos Aires University Argentina

2020-ongoing Adjunct Professor, Department of Surgery, Transplantation and Immunology Unit, Yale University USA

2022-ongoing Adjunct Professor, Facultad de Ciencias Medicas Universidad Favaloro, Fundacion Universitaria Renè Favaloro, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Clinical Current Practice and Research Interest:


Vascular Surgery; Hepato-Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery; General and Laparoscopic Surgery. In particular:


Splitting Liver for transplant, from deceased and alive donor

Technique of procurement and preservation for marginal organ for transplant

Multivisceral and Small Bowel Transplantation

Hepato/Colangio Cellular Carcinoma (HCC/CCA) and Liver-Mets

Machine Perfusion (Organox – Liver Assist)

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Sessions chaired by Francesco D'Amico FEBS

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