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Poster Session
Xenotransplantation / Cell and Tissue Banking

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Mr. Andrzej Berman, Poland
Bioink based on the dECM for 3D-bioprinting of bionic tissue - first results obtained on murine model

Mr. Andrzej Berman, Poland
Towards bionic organs: biocompatibility of newly developed porcine dECM-based hydrogels

Mr. Kyungmin Kwak, Korea
Quadruple KO porcine adult pancreatic islet induced long-term xenograft survival in diabetic mice

Miss Cecilia Gamba, Argentina
Feasibility and safety of intravenous infusion of autologous Umbilical Cord Blood for newborns with perinatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy: Argentina┬┤s experience

Dr. Chika Takano, Japan
Comparison of laboratory- and clinical-grade reagents in isolation and cultivation of human amniotic epithelial cells

Dr. Chiyoshi Toyama, Japan
Escape from macrophage-mediated rejection by human surfactant protein (SP) -A

Prof. Ik Jin Yun, Korea
Comparison of graft survival between full thickness and lamellar pig-to-monkey corneal xenotransplantation from the same genetically engineered pig with minimal immunosuppression.

Mrs. Juan Zhang, People's Republic of China
Study of umbilical mesenchymal stem cells derived exosomes in enhancing UCB-Treg immune-suppressive function after adoptive transfer in X-GVHD model mice

Mrs. Lu Cao, People's Republic of China
CD27-expressing xenoantigen-expanded human regulatory T cells are efficient in suppressing xenogeneic immune response

Prof. Hee Jung Kang, Korea
Effect of factor H on complement alternative pathway activation in human serum remains on porcine cells lacking N-glycolylneuraminic acid

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