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Mini-Oral Abstracts Session
Ethics and transplantation

Monday September 12, 2022 | 16:25 to 17:25
Room: C4
Track: Ethics and Transplantation

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For attending this session, you can claim 1 EACCME credits


Dr. Marta López-Fraga, France
Shedding light on the phenomenon of international travel for transplantation: the Council of Europe Network of National Focal Points

Carolyn Sidoti, United States
Aftercare For Organ Donor Families: A Content Analysis Of Organ Procurement Organization Family Services And Educational Materials

Mrs. Talia C Giordano MSW, LCSW, United States
Grant funding to support increased access to transplant care for patients and caregivers

Dr. Rafael Rodrigo da Silva Pimentel, Brazil
Fatigue and Resilience in organ and tissue transplant patients facing the pandemic of COVID-19

Dr. Georgina L Irish, Australia
International travel for organ transplantation: challenges in registry data collection?

Dr. Keith S Hansen, United States
Cost-effectiveness of using a kidney anastomosis facilitation and cooling device to eliminate second warm ischemia time

Miss Ana Maria Pires Silva, Portugal
Organ trafficking: the Portuguese experience in developing a legal framework and a protocol of conduct for health professionals for the management of patients who receive an organ transplant abroad and return home for follow-up care and for reporting suspected cases to law enforcement authorities for criminal investigation

Dr. Jude Yagan, Kuwait
Kidney transplant in mentally challenged patients: a single centre experience

Conner Lombardi, United States
The Sun is Still Shining: Nature of Industry Payments to Transplant Surgeons from 2014-2019

Prof. Kristof Van Assche, Belgium
Inequitable Access to Transplants: Adults With Impaired Decision-Making Capacity

Prof. Meric Yavuz Colak, Turkey
Attitudes and behaviors towards ethical dilemmas in organ transplantation and organ donation

Dr. Huda Al-Taee, Iraq
Commercial kidney transplantation: sociodemographic and clinical characteristics

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