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Oral Abstracts Session
Pancreas and islet

Monday September 12, 2022 | 11:35 to 13:05
Room: C5
Track: Pancreas and Islet

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For attending this session, you can claim 1.5 EACCME credits


Steven A Wisel, United States
Strategies to achieve long-term insulin independence using a multimodal approach to Beta-cell replacement in patients with Type I diabetes

Prof. Haval Shirwan, United States
Thrombomodulin protein transiently tethered to surface of islets enhance engraftment in an intraportal transplantation model by inhibiting peri-transplant inflammatory reactions

Mr. Denghao Wu, Australia
The Genetic Epidemiology of Hereditary Pancreatitis in Australia and its effect on patients of Total Pancreatectomy and Islet Auto Translation (TP-IAT).

Dr. Samy M Riad, United States
Long-term outcomes in primary simultaneous kidney and pancreas recipients under steroid avoidance in the United States

Diego Cantarovich, France
Impact of TNF alpha inhibitor induction therapy on graft thrombosis following pancreas transplantation

Tarek Alhamad, United States
Outcomes in Mild Obese Recipients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 that received Simultaneous Kidney Pancreas Transplant

Mr. BenoƮt Mesnard, France
Impact of hypothermic oxygenated perfusion (HOPE) on endothelial cell biology in a preclinical porcine model of pancreatic transplantation

Dr. Catherine Parmentier, Canada
Pancreas transplantation from cardiac death donors versus neurological death donors at a tertiary care center

Dr. Angelika C Gruessner, United States
Pancreas transplants in the elderly patient - How far can we go?

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