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Mini-Oral Abstracts Session
Tolerance, tissue repair & others

Tuesday September 13, 2022 | 11:35 to 13:05
Room: D
Track: Basic and Translational Sciences

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Josefina Alberu, Mexico
Generation and expansion of functionally stable allospecific Tregs for immunotherapy in human kidney transplantation

Ms. Leonie van Leeuwen, Netherlands
Targeted delivery of galunisertib attenuates fibrogenesis in an integrated ex vivo renal transplant and fibrosis model

Dr. Franziska Olm, Sweden
Mesenchymal stromal cell therapy as promising option to increase organ availability and reduce graft failure

Robert L. Fairchild, United States
p40 Homodimers Indirectly Induce Endogenous Donor-Reactive Memory CD8+ T Cell Activation within High-Risk Allografts via IL-15 Receptor Signaling

Natasha Rogers, Australia
The Molecular Nature of the Banff iIFTA Lesion

Dr. Oliver McCallion, United Kingdom
Single cell RNA sequencing of cryopreserved human renal transplant core biopsies: a feasibility and optimisation study.

Dr. Iacopo Cristoferi, Netherlands
B-HOT panel gene expression analysis after normothermic ex-situ kidney perfusion potentially predicts acute rejection - a preliminary analysis

Ms. Suzanne Bezstarosti, Netherlands
Tacrolimus withdrawal after mesenchymal stromal cell therapy is associated with donor-specific antibody formation in kidney transplant recipients

Prof. Sandra Lindstedt MD, PhD, Sweden
Repeated mesenchymal stromal cell therapy repaired ARDS-damaged donor lungs and reduces primary graft dysfunction following lung transplantation

Mrs. Laura NiƱo Torres, Colombia
Gender disparities in renal replacement therapies in Colombia

Dr. Mark Ly, Australia
Assessment of Biliary Regeneration During Long Term (>5 days) Ex-Vivo Normothermic Machine Perfusion

Prof. Puxun Tian, People's Republic of China
CREB may regulate gene expression in MDSC differentiation by influencing DNA methylation

Dr. Christian Heim, Germany
The stem cell mobilizator Plerixafor reduces transplant vasculopathy in a murine aortic allograft model

Dr. Miyeun Han, Korea
Development of a registry for gender equity analysis (ASTREG-WIT-KT) in Asian-Pacific countries

Mr. Hector Tejeda Mora, Netherlands
Functional recellularized patient derived endothelium; a human vascular graft approach

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