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Oral Abstracts Session
Ischemia/reperfusion injury 1

Wednesday September 14, 2022 | 12:00 to 13:00
Room: D
Track: Basic and Translational Sciences

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Dr. Gannon McGrath, United States
Ischemia minimization improves cardiac function in an ex vivo xeno working heart model

Mr. John Black, United Kingdom
A proof of principle study of cell targeted delivery of siRNA guided by innate repair receptor EPOR/betacR highly expressed by injured tubular epithelial cells in porcine kidneys subjected to extended cold ischaemic times

Luke VanOsdol, United States
Exploring cell-specific mechanisms of ischemia/reperfusion injury mediated reactivation of cytomegalovirus from latency in the orthotopic mouse lung transplantation

Dr. Jiang Liu, People's Republic of China
PGC1alpha-mediated metabolic reprogramming facilitates M1 macrophage polarization during steatotic allograft dysfunction after liver transplantation

Dr. Alireza Biglarnia, Sweden
TUM012 – a new polymer for ex vivo allograft coating to minimize post-reperfusion thromboinflammation in kidney transplantation

Dr. Masataka Kawamura, Canada
AP39 administration during normothermic ex vivo kidney perfusion reduces preservation injury

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