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P16.03 Argentine COVID 19 Registry transplantation: A national cohort study

Liliana Bisigniano MD, Argentina

Scientific and Technical Direction


Argentine COVID 19 registry transplantation: a national cohort study

Liliana Bisigniano1, Viviana Tagliafichi1, Daniela Hansen Krogh1, Carlos Soratti2, Ariel Antik1.

1Scientific and Technical Direction, Incucai, Caba, Argentina; 2Presidence, Incucai, Caba, Argentina

Introduction: Solid organ transplant recipients may be at increased risk of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and death; however, epidemiological evidence is lacking in Argentina.

Method: INCUCAI (National Authority of Organ and Tissue Procurement an Transplantation) has carried out a national cohort study, with the aim of knowing the incidence of COVID-19 infection in transplanted patients during the pandemic in the country, analysing prognostic factors and evolution through multivariate analysis. The main source was Information Registry and Management System of Argentina (SINTRA).

Results: We analysed three periods, first: 03/31/20 - 02/28/21, second:03/01/21 – 11/30/21 and third:12/01/21 – 02/28/22 were confirmed COVID-19, 5.324 patients (9% of the total living transplanted patient). Mortality rate was = 20% (310/1549); 20% (384/1892) and 3% (56/1883) for each period respectively. The 72% of the covid confirmed patients are kidney and 16% liver transplantation.  The covid confirmed deceased patients are 77% kidney transplantation and 13% liver tx. In the multivariate analysis, transplant patients’ probability of death were associated to patient age, hospitalization, and mechanical ventilation requirement along the tree periods. However, comorbidities like HTA and DBT and waiting list type were unstable associated along the periods to the mortality. Patient gender and smoker are not associate to mortality.

Conclusion: In conclusion, patients on the waiting list and transplanted patients have a higher probability of COVID infection and worse evolution than the general population. Transplant patients have a lower incidence and better evolution of COVID-19 infection than patients on waiting lists.

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