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Poster Session
Ethics and Transplantation

Room: TBD
Track: Ethics and Transplantation


Mr. Ignacio Drake, Argentina
Actuarial Perspective on the Immunosuppressive Medication Costs and Coverage for Transplant Recipients in the ArgentineĀ“s Public System: 2009-2021

Elian Pregno, Argentina
Provisional and promising bioethical conclusions on uterine transplantation

Dr. Daniel Osvaldo O Merino, Argentina
Traumatic events and treatment non-adherence: a potential association?

Roberto Cambariere, Argentina
Xenotransplantation and Bioethics

Prof. Jun Young Lee, Korea
Depression and suicide in end stage kidney disease (on dialysis and kidney transplant recipients): A national-wide population study.

Dr. John Ngigi, Kenya
The monetary cost of delays in kidney transplantation in a public health facility in a developing country:Kenyan experience.

Mr. Alejandro C Chiodo Ortiz, United States
Risk factors for trauma death among transplant recipients

Dr. Boris I Yaremin, Russian Federation
Questions about xenotransplantation in ethical and religious literature

Dr. Mohamed H Zahran, Egypt
Extended Criteria Donor, Cold Ischemia Time and Delayed Graft Functions; common ingredients for an expensive recipe.

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