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Campfire Session
Education Strategies

Tuesday September 13, 2022 | 17:35 to 18:35
Room: CF-6
Track: N/A


For attending this session, you can claim 1 EACCME credits


Mrs. Talia C Giordano MSW, LCSW, United States
Virtual education and support program for transplant patients and caregivers during COVID

Dr. Chloë Ballesté, Spain
Master education: a new era of teaching beyond COVID-19

Ms. Lisa Coscia, United States
Pregnancies fathered by transplant recipients

Dr. Angel Flores-Huidobro Martinez, United States
TTS/ILTS Paired Transplant Center Program: Two years of Clinical and Academic Advancements.

Dr. Miguel ignacio Ignacio González Sr., Argentina
Accessibility to Kidney Transplant. Equity of the Public System. Misiones, Argentina

Dr. David A Thomson, South Africa
Teaching Principles of Organ Donation – A 5-year Experience of a Massive Open Online Course

Dr. Puneet Sindhwani, United States
A quality analysis of donor nephrectomy-related information on YouTube; education or misinformation?

Miss Mariana L Ortega, Argentina
Nutritional diagnosis in chronic intestinal failure patients: GLIM criteria vs Subjective Global Assessment

Prof. Christiane Kugler, Germany
Professional Employment in Patients on Ventricular Assist Device Support – A Multi-Center Prevalence Study

Dr. Monica Orendain Tremear, Canada
Keeping up with psychosocial predictors of outcomes in solid organ transplantation: a user friendly interface to identify, organize and facilitate access to empirical data.

Dr. Marian Irazabal, Spain
I-DTI: Second Opinion Platform related to Organ Donation and Transplantation

Dr. Marian Irazabal, Spain
International collaborative project to set-up deceased organ donation system in United Arabic Emirates (UAE): Preliminary data

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