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431.2 Spatial molecular profiling of kidney allograft biopsies

Ivy A. Rosales, United States

Research Faculty
Massachusetts General Hospital


Dr. Ivy A. Rosales is a pathologist and research faculty at the Immunopathology Research Laboratory, Center for Transplantation Sciences at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Her fields of interest and expertise include renal pathology, experimental solid organ allo- and xeno-transplantation pathology, and vascularized composite tissue transplant pathology. She is part of the Banff Molecular Diagnostics Working Group, which aims to expand pathologic evaluation of transplant biopsies through transcript analysis of archived tissue. Her pursuits include enhancing methods of pathologic evaluation to achieve greater reproducibility and to identify outcome predictors. In renal pathology, she is highly interested in rare renal diseases and unusual presentations of renal injury. 

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