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P11.24 The Korean experiences of re-use transplanted liver or kidney: case series

Eun Jin Woo, Korea

korea organ donation agency


The Korean experiences of re-use transplanted liver or kidney: case series

Eun Jin Woo1, YounJung Choi1, Minhwa Kim1, Hye Young Kim1, Yang Suk Park1, Jeongrim Lee1, Insung Moon1, Byunghyun Choi2, Taehee Kim3.

1Korea Organ Donation Agency, Busan, Korea; 2Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital, Yangsan, Korea; 3 INJE University Busan Paik hospital, Busan, Korea

Introduction: Because of chronic shortage of organ, the re-use of transplanted organ may be a good option for urgent recipients. However, the reports about re-use of transplanted organ are relatively rare worldwide. We would like to share the experiences of re-use transplanted organs in Korea.

Case review: We retrospectively investigated the all donors who had donated liver or kidney since 2000 through Korean Network for Organ Sharing (KONOS) database. From 2000 to 2019, liver was re-transplanted 6 recipients, kidney was 3 recipients.

  • Liver: Among the six recipients of re-use grafts, three of them were successfully recovered. However the other three transplants were going to graft failure. The cause of high graft failure rate could be the two ischemic attacks in relatively short period. The last case was successfully transplanted after more than five years from the first liver transplant. So there was no second ischemic damage in the graft. The graft biopsies or laboratory findings (AST, ALT, Total bilirubin, INR) performed during the transplant had no predictive value of graft failure.
  • Kidney: The two of three recipients were successfully transplanted and their kidney have been well-functioningmore than seven without adverse event. 1 recipient had transplanted re-used kidney successfully, but graftectomy was required because of bacterial infection before discharge.

Conclusion: The transplantation of previous transplanted organs could be possible in the urgent situation. However, the ischemic damage should be carefully considered in liver transplant cases. In the case of kidneys, even if transplanted organs are reused, the retal function is maintained well. But we need to understand and recognize the risk of infection.

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