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P5.04 Knowledge about donation and transplantation in the health team


Knowledge about donation and transplantation in the health team

Maria Del Carmen Bacque1, Sabrina S. Fioretti1, Estefanía E. Cambres1, Melina M. Campora1, Yamila Y. Grasso1, Gabriel G. Hansen1, Lucía L. Llamosas Camba1, Noelia N. Mascia1, Agustina A. Robledo1, Rodrigo R. Scaravonati1, Daniel D. Semechenko1, Carolina C. Toricella1, Silvana S. Virgona1.

1Transplant, U.S.A.L, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Introduction: One of the main causes of the deficit of organs for transplantation is misinformation. A survey carried out by 5th year students of the USAL medical career to health professionals was presented, to evaluate the knowledge about donation and generated proposals to improve the problem.

Method: Closed survey conducted in the field in eight (8) hospitals in CABA and one(1) in BA; The interviewers were 5th year students of the USAL medical career, students of the subject "Organ Transplantation".

Results: 85 surveys were analyzed, two were discarded because they had been completed by students. The total evaluated: n= 83. Male: 41 (49%) Female: 42 (51%). Profession: Nurses: 9 Doctors: 74 (urgency 45%, clinic 36%, Surgery 5% no record 14%).
Questions and answers:

  1. Do you think there is a person in charge of Procurement and Transplantation of organs and tissues/coordinator in your Hospital? Yes 81% - No 19%
  2. Would you donate your organs? Yes 88% - No 12%
  3. Do you know the National Transplant Law?  Yes 58% - No 42%
  4. Do you have  information about transplants? Very good 29% - A little 64% -  Nothing 7%
  5. What subject would you like to receive information from? Organ Distribution 55% - Results of transplant 28% Encefalic death  5% - Others 12%
  6. Do you know the dignified death law? Yes 59% - No 41%
  7. Do you know the Protocol for Limitation of therapeutic effort? Yes 64% - No 31% - Does not know 5%
  8. Do you start a asystole donation program? Yes 59% - No 36% - Do not know 5%
  9. Do you know the donation rate? Correct 36% - Incorrect 38% - Does not know 26%
  10. Do you know about the waiting list? Correct 50% - Incorrect 34% - Do not know 16%

Conclusions: Health personnel, mostly doctors. are unaware of organ donation, it is aggravated because hospitals are constituted in the natural environment to inform the general public. The need to find a stable link between the medical community and society is imminent, in order to improve communication with the family and improve the number of donors.

Proposal: Education is the main strategy to improve the donation problem. It should be included in the undergraduate and graduate medicine curricula to increase knowledge on the subject and encourage an altruistic attitude such as giving life to another person. Initial education should also include this topic, to raise awareness about donation in the community.

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