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Randall E Morris, United States

Research Professor (Emeritus)
Depts. of Cardiothoracic Surgery & Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine

Randall Morris is TTS 2022 International Living Legend Award Recipient

Dr. Morris co-founded (April 2020) & is the CEO & President the biotherapeutic co., Azoth Immune Medicines (AIM), Inc.
Dr. Morris​ led teams (& with collaborators) discovered, patented, described new uses for, new mechanisms of action &/or was first to publish on: the anti-transplant (Tx) rejection, anti-GvHD &/or anti-restenosis & anti-Tx graft vascular disease ​activities of 5 (1st-in-class) drugs: ​
1. ​Sirolimus (mammalian target of rapamycin [mTOR] inhibitor; Rapamune®). ​
2. ​Mycophenolate mofetil (IMPDH inhibitor; CellCept®).
​3. ​Tofacitinib (Janus kinase inhibitor; Xeljanz®). ​
4. ​Efalizumab (anti-CD11a​ mAb​; Raptiva®​).
5. FK778 (MNA715, DHODH inhibitor; analog of leflunomide's active metabolite [teriflunomide, Aubaigo®]).

Approx. 25 MM patients have been treated for > 9 approved indications generating ​annual peak sales of approx. > $​10B​ & cumulative sales, to date, of approx. $80B (on-& off-label) (e.g., indications: suppression of kidney, liver &/or heart Tx rejection, co-inventor [patent issued] of the first effective & widely implanted mTOR inhibitor drug-eluting stent for the prevention of ​coronary artery restenosis after ​angioplasty, treatments for rheum. arthritis & ​psoriasis​, etc.). No royalties were received by Dr. Morris.

Dr. Morris was the Founder & Director of the Laboratory of Tx Immunopharmacology is a Research Professor in the Dept. of Cardiothoracic Surgery​ at Stanford​ Univ. School of Medicine (Emeritus)​, & was Global Head of Tx Therapeutic Area Discovery Research & Head of Tx Translational Medicine (Novartis Inst. of BioMedical Research) & Head of Tx Sciences (Immunology & Tx Business Unit) at Novartis AG in Basel, Switzerland.

Dr. Morris published > 400 papers, abstracts & chapters & given > 550 lectures. Awards include NIH Medical Scientist Trainee, Stanford Medical Alumni Award, American College of Surgeons Schering Research Award, Karolinska Institute Tx Medal​ (Stockholm​)​, Royal Soc. of Medicine (U.K.) Visiting Fellowship, ​elected ​Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians & named Lectureships. Dr. Morris was the President of the International Congress on New Trends in Experimental and Clinical Immunosuppression & served two terms as an elected Councilor of The Transplantation Society, now as Historian on the Council.

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