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Maria Amalia MD Matamoros, Costa Rica

Program Director
Centro de Trasplante Hepático y Cirugía Hepatobiliar-Hospita Mexico
Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social

Dr. Maria Amalia Matamoros studied medicine at the Universidad de Costa Rica, where she graduated as a Medical Doctor, following a surgical specialization at the same University. After graduation as a surgeon, she went to Japan and joined the liver transplant program at Kyoto University led by Professor Koichi Tanaka. Under Professor Tanaka's mentorship became a liver transplant surgeon. Leaving Japan, she moved to Germany and, before returning to Costa Rica, spent some months in Valencia, Spain, learning organ procurement and how to improve organ donation. 

Dr. Matamoros has a Master's degree in Bioethics and also finished the academic program in Bussiness.

In 2000, the first living transplant program started in Costa Rica, and from then, it pushed on deceased organ donation programs and developed an adult liver transplant program. 

She has contributed to OIM, and UNODC in organ trafficking research on the vulnerabilities of the Central American Region and with validating tools for people working on this topic.

Today is the President of the Latin American and Caribbean Society and has served STALYC Board for six years. So, also, does the second year on the Executive Board of the Declaration of Istambul Custodian Group. 

Her interest is:

Liver transplantation.
Education in Transplantation.
Ethics in Transplantation.
Transplant programs in emerging economies.
Management and finances in Transplantation.
Vulnerable populations.
Organ trafficking.
Pediatric Transplantation

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